Below you will find a list of hints for this year's WOWPS SCAVENGER HUNT. Find locations of venues, monuments, streets, or people all around DEEP Ellum based on these hints. Take pictures for proof. THERE MIGHT BE A PRIZE FOR WHO GETS THEM ALL RIGHT FIRST! 

1. Find a Bar that has a Prophet. Take a picture by the Main door.

2. The answer is 3.14. Take a picture with the question. A slice of this and you’ll be a hit.

3. Take a picture with Deep Ellum’s own Iron Giant.

4. You can’t fill a prescription here, but you can get #milkshakewasted. Take a picture while you’re floating.

5. You will be in plain sight at this rooftop bar. Take a selfie once you find what you seek.

6. Find  the storefront home to legendary blues and jazz artist Leadbelly’s house (Tyehimba Jess wrote about him). Take a picture with the plaque on the building.

7. The intersection where “The Hustler Detroit Red” makes his money. Take a picture of the street signs.

8. Find the chocolate center of Dallas’ WOWPS. Smile big for the camera with no cavities. She will smile back!